Why Edgewood Development - Green Building
Plainville Generating Station, Plainville, MA

Environmental & Green Operations

In 2003 Mr. Lorusso permitted and constructed an electric generating plant in Plainville, MA employing methane gas generated from the closed Allied landfill. This type of facility is unique in Massachusetts and is an excellent re-use of the gas from the landfill which would otherwise have been burned off. Seven 1,180 horsepower Cat generators produce 5.6 megawatts of electricity annually which is enough to supply the average yearly needs of over 5,000 homes. It continues to operate successfully producing and selling green energy for use by the consumer.

The Lorusso composting operation is one of the largest in southeastern Massachusetts. Brush, leaves, grass clipping and other bio-degradable materials are accepted from residents and through contracts with nearby municipalities. We collect it, process it and over time turn it into rich compost which we sell and also use on the lawns and gardens of our new homes and commercial buildings. On average almost 100,000 cubic yards of compost are produced and sold or re-used every year.

This operation also accepts used concrete products and old asphalt from municipalities and private sector businesses. Each year, thousands of tons are accepted, recycled and re-used.