Why Edgewood Development - Community Involvement
Field of Dreams, Plainville, MA

Community Involvement

Edgewood Community Involvement - Field of Dreams

Edgewood begins its involvement in communities early in the development planning by holding informal meetings with our new neighbors. We commonly rent local restaurants or halls and invite neighborhood residents to view the new project. The residents can ask questions, make comments and discuss the project with us. All parties benefit; the neighbors are actively involved in the project planning, Edgewood takes their concerns seriously by modifying the project accordingly and the local boards see a development which reflects neighborhood concerns. The result is the community, the neighborhood, the land owner and Edgewood end up with a better project.

Once a development begins, it is Edgewood’s philosophy to be a good corporate citizen by actively involving ourselves in community events and local charitable causes. We often contribute men, machines and materials or make cash donations to community festivities, recreational facilities, police & fire department fundraisers, soccer fields, municipal tree planting & local garden clubs and other community causes. We truly enjoy being a good neighbor and are comfortable assimilating ourselves into the communities where we operate.